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A little bit about who you'll be learning from


We have an amazing, supportive team of instructors who bring their absolute best and encourage you to be your absolute best in each session. Each member of the team brings a different vibe, but the same consistency in the quality of teaching. With everyone having 6+ years of teaching experience, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands with us.


Sheree is the Founder of Central Pole Dance, and has over 11 years in the industry. 9 of these years have been spent running her own studio, where she has shown great ambition and drive since the age of 19 to create an amazing space for women to feel empowered, supported, and strong. In terms of skill, Sheree has trained to be at an extremely high level in both tricks and dance, having competed at a professional level at the most prestigious competitions in the UK. She is known for her high standard of teaching and has taught workshops to both students and other instructors all over Scotland.


Rachel is an original member of Central Pole Dance, and has been with us since beyond day 1. She has been teaching with us for 7+ years, and brings her edgy, quirky style to each class. Our Tuesday nights have the best weird and wonderful vibe with Rachel in charge, and people feel at ease and free to be themselves in her presence. 


Debbie has been teaching with us for 3 years, and has brought a high skill level to our studio with her insane flexibility levels. Her patient, understanding nature makes her the perfect instructor for our Beginners Pole class, instantly making newbies feel reassured and encouraged from day 1. Don't let the kindness fool you though, you can still expect to WORK in her classes, Debbie really knows how to push people to get the best out of them. You can find her teaching every Thursday evening.

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